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LinkedIn Premium Launches Generative AI Personalization of Posts and Job Listings

LinkedIn has augmented the generative AI features of its Premium service with an eye toward boosting personalization and productivity for subscribers. The revamped experience uses advanced analytics to provide tailored insights, career recommendations, and other enhancements.

Generating Personalized Explanations

LinkedIn leverages generative AI to examine content, including posts, articles, and videos, uncovering potential opportunities for the user and and ideas they may find interesting. The AI will even suggest ways the user can take action based on the information pulled from the content. This automated extraction can save time if a user doesn’t want to go through a long piece of is looking for something specific, a kind of personal ‘too long; didn’t read’ summary. The feature also employs Microsoft Bing’s generative AI to answer queries about trending topics, in general, then culled from expert perspectives both on LinkedIn and across the web.

The other new generative AI feature for Premium subscribers helps with seeking a job. When looking at a job post, users can ask about whether they are a fit for the role and the AI will personalize its response to their experience. Users can also learn more about the position, company, and industry by conversing with LinkedIn’s AI, and even get help with preparing or the interview. LinkedIn suggests integrating these formerly disjointed steps into a single interface can build user confidence and boost the potential for a successful career move.

“Whether you’re navigating career changes, building a business, learning a new skill or crafting your voice, your new AI-powered LinkedIn experience — your trusted coach, advisor, co-pilot, assistant, and colleague combined — is your partner in staying ahead,” LinkedIn chief product officer Tomer Cohen explained in a blog post. “Today, we’re starting this journey with the rollout of a new Premium experience, launching to a select group of Premium subscribers. These members will see more personalization with every interaction, from how to get smarter about important topics to personalized career actions they can take. It will include personalized takeaways and nudges, from suggestions for skills you should build, to professionals in your network to reach out to for any question you have (we’ll even help you craft personalized messages to kickstart those conversations).”

LinkedIn AI Everywhere

The new generative features continue LinkedIn’s ongoing infusion of the technology across its platform. LinkedIn began the year by offering to turn written prompts into profile content, job descriptions, and advertising copy. The tools later expanded to helping users write posts and updates on the social media platform, including professional news and comments on the industry. LinkedIn’s latest upgrade introduced several such tools to enhance its recruiting, skill-building, and marketing platforms just last month.

The company is initially rolling out the revamped Premium to a small test group as it gathers feedback to refine the experience before expanding availability. The goal is to provide members with greater value through ever-more tailored insights and suggestions from AI-enabled interactions.


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