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Google Rolls Out Generative AI Image Creator for Advertisers and Businesses

Google has introduced a suite of image creation tools for its generative AI-powered Product Studio, pitching them as a way for small businesses to market products with customized visuals ahead of the holiday season. Available in the Merchant Center Next platform, Product Studio can now generate festive scenes of users’ products through text prompts.

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The scene generation tool employs a text-to-image model that can embed a product from a real photo into any setting. Users can also adjust the images by removing parts of the background or enhancing the resolution. You can see an example above with a lotion from skincare startup Doppeltree that diversifies the product images for holiday social media and e-commerce content. Without expensive photoshoots, the AI tools allow for quicker creation of high-quality, on-brand visuals. Google said it designed the studio to make generative AI accessible to small retailers with limited resources. As the first major search platform offering image generation, the holiday-themed capabilities could provide an edge in merchant marketing.

The new Product Studio features are available on Merchant Center Next and Shopify’s Google app. With the high-stakes holiday sales season, Google is aiming its AI image customization as a tool to help small shops quickly adapt visual content to marketing trends. The AI feature was announced alongside other small business-focused updates. Those include highlighting “small business” attributes in Maps and Search to aid discoverability. Google will also start displaying additional information like deals, shipping policies, and reviews in Search knowledge panels.

Google’s Product Studio is not dissimilar from what Amazon is doing by offering advertisers a generative AI tool for creating synthetic images to use in ads. It’s one of many areas the two tech giants are fiercely competing when it comes to generative AI. And the holiday season will only up the stakes for the businesses they work with and the advertising solutions they offer.


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