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Amazon Unveils Generative AI Synthetic Image Tool for Advertisers

Amazon has launched a new generative AI feature for advertisers that will produce synthetic images to use in ads. The e-commerce giant is aiming the new tool at advertisers looking to leverage synthetic media for compelling and effective ads and bypass any creative or logistical barriers in their way.

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Advertisers who want to create assets for campaigns only need to upload basic photos of the products they are marketing. The AI essentially creates an entire visual ecosystem for the product the user wants to advertise. The AI automatically creates lifestyle imagery showcasing the products in context based on uploaded photos and product details entered by the advertiser. This allows advertisers to quickly test multiple versions of an ad and optimize performance without extensive effort or technical expertise. Those images can then be incorporated into Amazon Sponsored Brands ads on mobile, which can boost click-through rates by up to 40% compared to using basic white-background shots. By making high-quality creative production faster, the new tool aims to improve ad performance.

“Producing engaging and differentiated creatives can increase cost and often requires introducing additional expertise into the advertising process,” said Amazon Ads products and technology senior vice president Colleen Aubrey, . “At Amazon Ads, we are always thinking about ways we can reduce friction for our advertisers, provide them with tools that deliver more impact while minimizing effort, and ultimately, deliver a better advertising experience for our customers.”

The launch comes as generative AI sees increased adoption for marketing use cases like ad and social media asset creation. Advertisers have long faced challenges balancing the art and science of building successful digital ad campaigns. Amazon said its foray into generative AI can provide that creative edge needed for impactful ads while reducing the effort and costs traditionally involved. The new feature comes after Amazon came out with a new generative AI feature for third-party sellers to compose better product listings on its marketplace. Those tools leverage large language models to turn a brief prompt defining the item into a full post. Meanwhile, Synthetic media for business startup Typeface raised $100 million in June for its generative AI tools for producing text, images, and other content customized to fit their branding and suitable for a marketing campaign or other business practice. And eBay has rolled out a photo-to-listing feature that’s closer to what Amazon is offering now. The auction site’s AI tool is capable of analyzing uploaded photos to suggest a title and description for the listing and produces relevant details like manufacturing date, category, and possible price for the product.

“Providing tools to make image generation simple and easy is another way for us to support advertisers while also making the ads our customers see more engaging and visually rich. It’s a perfect use for generative AI—less effort and better outcomes,” Aubrey said. “With the launch of our image generation capability, any advertiser can now use a simple tool to create unique, lifestyle creative assets that make their campaigns more compelling, and at no additional cost.”

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