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eBay’s New Generative AI Tool Creates Listings from Product Photos,


eBay has released a new generative AI feature that will write listings for sellers based on uploaded photos. The image-to-listing tool aims to streamline the selling process for eBay users via Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI models.

Synthetic Listings

eBay’s new tool does what the name suggests, analyzing uploaded photos to suggest a title and description for the listing. The AI even generated a list of other relevant details such as manufacturing date, category, and possible price for the product. Depending on the product, the AI can nail down a lot of information. For instance, with trading cards, the AI can identify key specifics like manufacturer, set, grade, and year from images alone. With clothing, the AI can deduce brand, size, color, and style from images. The feature is only available on eBay’s iOS app for now, though an Android version is arriving soon.

This isn’t eBay’s first foray into AI-generated content. The new photo-to-listing tool enhances an earlier iteration of the same concept where the user was required to put in the basic details and title the listing before the AI would write a description. eBay claims around 30% of U.S. sellers have tried that older tool at least one time, and more than 95% of those who experimented with it decided to use the resulting AI-written listing, though sometimes only after editing it. More than 80% reported they were happy with the feature, the highest for eBay’s recent features.

“eBay has been integrating various forms of AI into our tech for years now, through machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and other AI technologies,” eBay wrote in its announcement. “With recent advances in generative AI — in which AI algorithms can actually create text, images and videos — we’ve been able to use our large-scale yet extensible AI infrastructure to swiftly integrate Azure’s OpenAI technologies into our marketplace, all to make the process of selling and buying on eBay as seamless as possible.”

eBay built the AI tool in-house and plans to feed the new AI-composed listings back into the engine model to further train it. Along with the text AI tool, eBay also released an improved version of its AI-powered background removal tool for images. The goal is to simplify listing items while providing all the information buyers need, which eBay said will help potential users get over the “cold start” obstacle limiting many new sellers.eBay framed the AI listing enhancements as part of its broader efforts to incorporate cutting-edge technologies for a “magical” user experience. It aims to continue leveraging AI to simplify and improve all aspects of its platform.

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