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Amazon Deploys Generative AI for Summarizing Product Reviews

Amazon has revealed a new generative AI feature called ‘review highlights’ that will summarize customer reviews of products. The short paragraph produced by the AI will aim to synthesize the individual reviews into the most useful highlights without having to page through all of the individual feedback.

AI Customer Review

The point of the condensed blurb is to provide more detail than the aggregate star score without having to wade through each person’s approach to writing their opinions of a product. Amazon will further boost the condensed reviews with tabs to spotlight specific product aspects that might help a customer make up their mind. Reviews citing performance, ease of use, and other attributes are accessible by tapping the relevant button. It’s similar to the existing option for surfacing frequently used phrases within reviews but placed alongside the generative AI-provided review.

“We want to make it even easier for customers to understand the common themes across reviews, and with the recent advancements in generative AI, we believe we have the technical means to address this long-standing customer need,” Amazon explained in a blog post. “The new AI-powered feature provides a short paragraph right on the product detail page that highlights the product features and customer sentiment frequently mentioned across written reviews to help customers determine at a glance whether a product is right for them.”

Amazon’s goal is to simplify the research process by enabling shoppers to determine if a product meets their needs before parsing lengthy review sections. The reviews pull from Amazon’s catalog, with over 1.5 billion verified purchase reviews added in 2022 alone. By leveraging the latest advances in natural language processing, the summaries aim to capture the essence of community feedback on each product. Amazon made a point of saying it will maintain strict policies against fraudulent evaluations that intentionally mislead. The company claims to commit considerable resources to improving the detection of fake reviews before publication.

“The new AI-generated review highlights use only our trusted review corpus from verified purchases, ensuring that customers can easily understand the community’s opinions at a glance,” Amazon wrote. “We’ll continue to make it easier for customers to submit reviews and add new content types while leveraging AI to help customers see the highlights of reviews. Should I order this, that, both, neither? As long as reviews can help make the path clearer for our customers, we are happy with the outcome.”

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