Wayfair Decorify

Wayfair Launches Generative AI App for Virtual Interior Decorating

Furniture and home goods giant Wayfair has introduced a tool employing generative AI to allow customers to test out different room designs. The new Decorify service lets users upload photos of their homes and see what they might look like if redecorated in different styles (using furniture available on Wayfair, of course).

Decorify AI

Those interested in trying out a new look in their home can visit the Decorify website to upload a photo, though the current pilot test is limited to living rooms. Once uploaded, users can pick from eight style options ranging from traditional and farmhouse to “glam” and “perfectly pink,” and the AI will reimagine the room in that style. The AI identifies and replaces the furniture, decorations, fixtures, and other aspects of the room in “shoppable, photorealistic images” with links to the items on Wayfair that the customer can then purchase.

“Anything we develop or deploy for our customers, including GenAI, must support our mission to help everyone, anywhere create their feeling of home,” Wayfair CTO Fiona Tan said. “Viewing generative AI through this pragmatic lens enables us to prioritize where and when we deploy development resources and ensure applications like Decorify delight our customers.”

Generative Shopping

Wayfair is the latest digital commerce company to experiment with enhancing the experience with generative AI in various ways. Microsoft has made ChatGPT an integral part of online shopping, while Instacart embedded ChatGPT into its search feature. Shopify is going as far as creating its own conversational generative AI chatbot named Sidekick to help store owners to analyze online sales and adjust their websites accordingly and is one of several brands creating a ChatGPT plug-in. Wayfair is pushing the technology further in terms of visual applications of generative AI, which could become more common if people find the results match the AI’s prediction of how their rooms will look afterward.

“Leveraging generative AI technologies, Decorify creates a discovery experience that provides endless inspiration and powers the home personalization journey,” Wayfair director of research and development Shrenik Sadalgi said. “Decorify is the latest example from Wayfair Next of how we use visual inspiration, such as 3D, Spatial Computing and now Generative AI, to create unique, novel and functional customer experiences.”

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