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Generative AI Funding Round Up Summer 2023

As part of our coverage of generative AI and synthetic media, we’ve begun tracking notable funding rounds for startups in the space. We’ve collected the investments of the last couple of months, both those we’ve covered in more detail and those you may not have seen before, and are sharing the basics of what the startup does with generative AI and the details of their funding round. Check out the list below, arranged alphabetically.

Startup Generative AI Business Amount Raised Round Leader
CalypsoAI Generative AI security testing $23M Paladin Capital Group
Cognaize Financial AI data processing $8M Argonautic Ventures
Cohere Customer service and enterprise platform $270M Inovia Capital
Dust Enterprise communication and productivity $5.5M Sequoia
ElevenLabs Synthetic speech and voice cloning $19M Andreessen Horowitz, Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross
Inflection AI LLM and personalized AI developer $1.3B Nvidia, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Reid Hoffman
Loora Voice-based English teacher app $9.25M Emerge
Mistral Open-source LLM developer $113M Lightspeed Venture Partners
Prolific Networking platform for gathering people to test generative AI models and apps $32M Partech and Oxford Science Enterprises.
Resemble AI Synthetic voice generator and deepfake detector $8M Javelin Venture Partners
Runway Text-to-video platform $141M Google, NVIDIA, Salesforce Ventures
Scriptic Phone-based generative AI content platform $5.7M Bitkraft Ventures Contact center phone answering AI $20M Homebrew
Synthesia Generative AI video production platform $90M Accel
Tractable Generative AI and computer vision used to appraise damage to property and vehicles $65M Softbank
Typeface Branded synthetic media content platform $100M Salesforce Ventures Prompt engineering solutions $5M Y Combinator
Vendict Leverages generative AI to automate security compliance $9.5M NFX, Disruptive AI, and Cardumen Capital Real-time AI speech modulation $6M Mucker Capital and M13.


‘Personal’ Generative AI Startup Inflection AI Raises $1.3B From Microsoft, Nvidia, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt

Synthetic Media AI Startup Synthesia Raises $90M

Generative AI Startup Cohere Raises $270M