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LinkedIn Unveils Generative AI Hiring and Learning Tools

LinkedIn has introduced several new generative AI features to enhance its recruiting, skill-building, and marketing platforms. The new Recruiter 2024 system for connecting job seekers to possible positions, an AI ‘coach’ for LinkedIn Learning, and a marketing campaign generator called Accelerate, among other AI augmentation.

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LinkedIn’s new Recruiter 2024 system combines its hiring data with generative AI to streamline candidate identification and outreach. Company recruiters can speed up the sourcing and hiring of qualified applicants by getting better search strings for candidates using conversational, informal language, and the results will include options the recruiter might not have thought of on their own. Recruiters testing AI-assisted messages have had positive experiences already, with 74% citing it as a time-saver.

“By pairing generative AI with our unique insights gained from the more than 950 million professionals, 65 million companies, and 40,000 skills on our platform, we’ve reimagined our Recruiter product to help our customers find that short list of qualified candidates – faster,” LinkedIn vice president of product Hari Srinivasan explained in a blog post. “With the new Recruiter 2024 experience, talent leaders can use natural language and put their hiring goal in their own words like “I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader.” And with generative AI combined with our insights, we can infer the type of candidate the hirer is looking for and provide higher-quality candidate recommendations from a much wider pool of candidates — moving beyond the brand-name companies that have traditionally been the default.”

LinkedIn Learning is also going for the conversational generative AI approach, with the new chatbot coach offering advice on the technical skills in high demand and where to learn them, largely pulling from LinkedIn’s own catalog of videos. The suggestions extend to more social skills as well, such as guidance on how to delegate tasks and manage a team. Marketing teams are getting their own generative AI assistance through Accelerate, which combines data from LinkedIn with prompts from users to put together a targeted campaign.

As one of the world’s largest professional networks, LinkedIn is well-positioned to pioneer the adoption of AI capabilities like generative writing for business use cases. Its innovation pace can even force rivals to follow suit. The company has quickly built and expanded a suite of generative AI features this year, starting with turning written prompts into profile content, job descriptions, and advertising copy. The most recent additions help users write posts and updates on the social media platform, including professional news and comments on the industry. While each post is different, several genres are seen regularly. The new AI writing tool helps streamline the process without starting from scratch with each post.


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