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Poe Starts Sharing Revenue With Generative AI Chatbot Developers in New Creator Economy

Generative AI chatbot hub Poe will start paying the developers behind some of the more successful experiments in large language model-fueled interaction. Poe, a spin-off project from crowdsourced Q&A forum Quora, is setting up a creator economy not dissimilar from sections of the Apple App or Alexa Skills Stores.

Poe Profit

Poe, the Platform for Open Exploration, offers multiple official generative AI chatbots from models built by OpenAI, Google, Meta, and other big names in the space. However, it also allows users to make their own chatbots based on those models or uploaded from elsewhere. As with the monetization projects for iPhones and Alexa, the idea is to incentivize developers to improve, invent, and otherwise enhance the functioning of innovative chatbots. Poe believes introducing bot monetization will lead to a thriving economy with diverse offerings in areas like tutoring, therapy, entertainment, and media generation.  There are two initial payout methods – creators earn a percentage of subscription fees from users they convert to paid members, and they can set per-message fees. Quora plans to expand monetization options over time.

“Creating and marketing a great bot can require real work, and we want creators to be able to afford to make this investment, and be rewarded for it. For the most ambitious projects, we want people to be able to start companies and hire teams of people to produce their bot,” Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo explained in a blog post. For anyone training their own models and running their own inference, or using a third-party AI service through an API, operating a bot can entail significant infrastructure costs, and we want them to be able to operate sustainably and profitably. Many AI product demos that go viral get shut down because the creator can’t afford the costs and it is too much work to monetize.”

The new setup comes after months of developing iOS, Android, web, and MacOS support, an API, content moderation, and features like voice input, threading, and image generation. Poe now has millions of users chatting with bots worldwide. By allowing creators to monetize their efforts, Poe hopes to fill the gap between AI developers and end users. Removing financial barriers could lead to growth in innovative bots – while rewarding creators for providing valuable services. For users, it may also ensure beloved bots stick around instead of shutting down due to unsustainable costs.

“We are especially excited about enabling a new class of smaller AI research groups or companies to reach a large audience, those who have unique talent or technology but don’t have the resources to build and market a consumer application to mainstream consumers,” D’Angelo wrote. “This should help access to AI diffuse throughout the world more quickly, and help those smaller researchers generate the large amounts of revenue that are needed to train bigger models and further fund their research.”

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