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Telefonica and VUI Agency Talk about Generative and Conversational AI in the Contact Center – Voicebot Podcast Ep 346

The issue nowadays since we are all jumping to the process side right away since our small talk capabilities are limited. From a yes, no, and my personal number is 123, it’s very difficult…to analyze the user sentiment in the background from three very short user inputs. If you start with a conversation then you have more user input to analyze…The most frustrating experience you can provide is, ‘I didn’t understand you, please rephrase the question.’ Even a year ago that was already bad, but now, with people being heavy ChatGPT users, no one is going to forgive a ‘I didn’t understand you’ answer anymore.

Sarah Rojewski, Telefonica’s manager of AI and automation in Germany, and Patrick Esslinger, co-founder of VUI Agency, joined me to talk about the evolution of conversational AI in the contact center and the introduction of generative AI. Rojewski details the latest Telefonica generative AI project and how the company looks at the technology. That is supplemented by a conversation about user experience and how AI technologies require new thinking and are accompanied by different customer expectations.

Prior to her role leading AI initiatives, Sarah Rojewski spent three years working on Telefonica’s Aura voice assistant. Patrick Esslinger co-founded VUI Agency in 2017 and specializes in voice user interface design for enterprise applications.

Sarah Rojewski and Patrick Esslinger Show Notes – Telefonica and VUI Agency






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