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Generative AI News – GPT-5 Rumors, G3PO from OpenAI, Generative Google Assistant, Inworld, Meta, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 343

Eric Schwartz, the head writer at Voicebot.ai, joined Bret Kinsella to break down the top Generative AI News (GAIN) of the week.

Generative AI News – Featured Stories this Week

  • OpenAI rumors spread for GPT-5 and the open-source G3PO. Is this the response to Meta’s Llama 2?
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are both expected to add generative AI capabilities in 2023. Could this finally lead to the blending of doing and knowing assistants?

Generative AI Funding Fountain

  • Inworld raised another $50M+ to bring total funding to around $120 million and now claims to have a $500 million valuation.

Generative AI Product Garden

  • Meta releases the open-source text-to-sound generator AudioCraft.
  • Apple removes over 100 iOS apps from the Chinese App Store in advance of the new generative AI rules taking effect.
  • Google Deepmind debuts a new generative AI communication language for instructing robots. And it works!
  • Stack Overflow announced tentative steps into generative AI land with OverflowAI.
  • News mobile app Artifact introduces celebrity voice clones you can have read the news to you.

Winners and Losers

More About GAIN

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