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Vimeo Adds Generative AI Video Tools

Popular video platform Vimeo has unveiled a set of generative AI tools for content creators. The new features are designed to streamline video creation by assisting with the writing, recording, and editing process, one of the many facets of synthetic media seeing a rush of development this year.

Vimeo AI

Vimeo divides its generative AI features into three components; a scriptwriter, a teleprompter, and a text-centric editor. The scripting tool works a lot like ChatGPT or other generative AI chatbots. Users describe the kind of video they want to make, including the length and tone. The AI then composes a script based on that prompt for approval, rewording, and possibly a resubmitted outline if the user wants to try again. Once the script is approved, Vimeo’s AI will display the script on the screen in a way that helps the performer keep eye contact with the camera, including scrolling up at their preferred pace.

Even a professional broadcaster might hesitate, use a filler word, or otherwise stumble during a recording. Vimeo is pitching its generative AI video editor as a way not to need more than one take, regardless. The text-based editing tool can automatically detect and remove any ill-timed pauses, stutters, or other lapses and can understand where to stitch the frames together smoothly. Vimeo claims users can produce and upload a complete, professional video in a fraction of the usual time by using these generative AI tools, which will start rolling out in July as part of the subscription service, including the free trial.

“AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility. Any individual or business now has the ability to produce engaging, professional content with no prior production experience, and within mere minutes,” Vimeo chief product officer Ashraf Alkarmi said. “This is just the beginning of our new and integrated AI video strategy, but we believe this launch will be a game-changer for how companies should be communicating and connecting with distributed teams and customers.”

Synthetic Video

Generative AI has a lot to offer video producers. The options range from an invisible assistant like Vimeo offers up to the completely synthetic characters, sets, voices, and performances of a company like D-ID and its Creative Reality Studio or Synthesia, which just raised $90 million. And Hour One’s Video Wizard uses generative AI to create virtual performers and Script Wizard to figure out what they should say. Vimeo’s approach is closer to how Canva is providing generative AI assistance for creative presentations or Adobe Firefly’s generative AI video toolkit. and campaigns. It also shares some similarities with Meta’s recently introduced Segment Anything Model (SAM), capable of dividing both images and videos into their component objects without training. SAM can identify and extract those objects within an image or video.

“We’re clearly only scratching the surface of what AI can accomplish for organizations and the people within them,” Alkarmi said. “We envision a future in which AI knowledge is a prerequisite, not a luxury, to video production. Leaders need to adapt now and empower their teams to create more efficiently, or risk getting left behind.”

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