D-ID Creative Reality screenshot 16 Sept 2022

Synthetic Media Startup D-ID Launches Image-to-Video Platform

Synthetic media startup D-ID has introduced a platform for users to produce videos from a single photo and text script. The new Creative Reality Studio uses D-ID’s AI to generate a virtual avatar for the video based on the image, widening access for those looking to synthetic videos for training, marketing, and other business video products like the transformed photographs D-ID first gained fame for publishing.

Virtual Training

D-ID applies AI to photos, creating synthetic avatars capable of moving and speaking. Businesses can turn the image of an employee, company spokesperson, or stock image into a guide through a video with an artificial voice speaking the words of a submitted script. The Creative Reality platform skips the need for D-ID to make the video and lets clients design the synthetic media on their own. The face and body gestures are also tied to a custom PowerPoint plug-in, allowing the virtual character to give a whole presentation. It’s ultimately a lot cheaper to make multiple variations of the videos, including in more than one language and is only restricted to the images a company has the right to use.

“D-ID’s work has already generated more than 100 million videos,” D-ID CEO Gil Perry said. “Now that we’re offering our self-service Creative Reality platform, the potential is huge. It enables both larger enterprises, smaller companies and freelancers to produce personalized videos for a range of purposes at massive scale, with the potential to engage audiences in learning and development, sales training and more. Our technology cuts through the headache of corporate video production to effortlessly create high-quality, cost-effective, professional videos in any language at the click of a button.”

The new platform builds on the corporate simulations for videos that D-ID began offering earlier this year. It’s part of the growing trend of using virtual beings in synthetic media for training. Rephrase.ai recently closed a $10.6 million round to pursue its own take on the market, which counts several industry-specific startups among its rivals. For instance, virtual training startup Virti began specifically as a training tool for medical professionals but has since widened its scope to all kinds of business. Microsoft’s own enterprise software is now investing heavily in simulated workspaces with AI assistance as well. Synthetic media startups with technology that could apply to the field, like Synthesia, Neosapience, Hour One, and Papercup, have proliferated and garnered plenty of their own funding too.

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