Google Quick Phrases

Google Assistant Plans Custom Quick Phrases

Google Assistant may start allowing custom Quick Phrases that don’t require using a wake word on Google Net Hub Max smart displays, according to a recent 9to5Google report. The current eight Quick Phrases for four tasks could soon expand to 29 and offer to let users create their own.

Quick Commands

Google Nest Hub Max’s Quick Phrases allow users to skip the wake word a handful of basic tasks such as learning the time and weather and controlling lights, alarms, and timers. They were first presented at Google I/O this year after appearing as a Google Pixel 6 feature last year. According to the report, a bunch more commands will be possible to include on the list without requiring wake words. Users will be able to control music volume and navigate tracks, show alarms and adjust or reset times, create reminders and family notes, send broadcast announcements and respond to phone calls.

Users will also have a chance to create their own custom Quick Phrases for any other task they don’t want to use a wake word to initiate. That feature may take a while to arrive as it could be a real problem if skipping wake words to save time led to more time spent undoing commands, even worse than the current issue of accidental awakenings. Still, Quick Phrases could boost engagement with Google Assistant and could encourage people to rely on it more. something that voice assistant users regularly cite as a major annoyance.

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