D-ID Training

Synthetic Media ‘Pictures-to-Video’ Startup D-ID Launches AI-Powered Corporate Training

Synthetic media startup D-ID has begun using virtual beings for corporate training. D-ID gained fame for transforming photographs into moving, speaking videos and avatars and will now happy the same machine learning and AI tech to personalize training and development services for companies.

Virtual Training

D-ID is offering companies a way to bring any single image to life as a trainer. The employee, company spokesperson, or stock image can  be matched with audio files or even text and D-ID’s tech will simulate that image giving that lecture, moving and sounding like it was a human who recorded the lines. The same speech can be given by any number of presenters depending on the audience and can easily be edited or updated as needed. That video also works within the growing number of corporate metaverse spaces created for workers.

“By entering the realm of corporate training, D-ID is now disrupting another vitally important segment, offering enterprises and B2B customers a way to make a genuine connection with their workforce,” D-ID CEO Gil Perry said. “Video generated content that is more personalized, has the potential to change the way we feel about our places of work, giving it a relatable and welcoming element. Our offering, as well as providing considerable time and cost saving, provides an opportunity for a more human connection at a time when so many feel disengaged.”

AI Training

Virtual being training is becoming more popular as conversational AI becomes better and easier to use for enterprise purposes. The technology extends into the metaverse of virtual worlds more as well. Virtual training startup Virti began specifically as a training tool for medical professionals but has since widened its scope to all kinds of business. Microsoft’s own enterprise software is now investing heavily in simulated workspaces with AI assistance as well. Even the United States Air Force now is setting out plans for training in the metaverse, applying for a trademark for the “Spaceverse” and Lockheed Martin has brought ReadSpeaker on board to make an AI voice trainer for the F-35.

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