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Google Opens Access to Vertex AI Generative AI

Google has opened access to the generative AI support for its machine learning platform Vertex AI after completing beta testing earlier this year. Businesses and other enterprises can now embed Vertex’s generative AI features into their own software, using the foundation models in the Model Garden introduced at Google I/O this year. They also have the option of fine-tuning and deploying their own custom models via the Generative AI Studio from Google Cloud.

Vertex Model AI

Vertex AI is designed around connecting developers to models in the Model Garden. The update to Vertex AI includes opening up Enterprise Search on the Gen App Builder. Clients can leverage Google’s search tools and generative AI  to produce their own generative AI chatbots and custom APIs for searching through data or other information-gathering projects.

The models in the garden include PaLM 2, the text-to-image model Imagen, and newcomers PaLM for Chat and the model behind software code-generating assistant Codey. More than 60 models are already in the model garden, with more on the way. These features have been available to a select group of testers, including GitLab and Canva, but are now generally available. Google announced that contact center tech platform Twilio, synthetic media startup Typeface, and graph database Neo4j have now signed up to use Vertex AI.

“At Google Cloud, we’re committed to making generative AI useful for everyone. Doing so requires more than making powerful foundation models available to businesses, governments, and developers. Models also need to be backed by platforms that make adoption faster and safer, with onramps to meet organizations wherever they are, regardless of their software or data science expertise,” Google Cloud vice president for AI and industry solutions June Yang said. “Backed by enterprise-grade data governance, security, and safety features, Vertex AI can make it easier than ever for customers to access foundation models, customize them with their own data, and quickly build generative AI applications. Vertex AI powers generative AI model customization for enterprise developers, data scientists, and everyone in between.”

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