Instagram Generative AI

Instagram is Developing Generative AI Chatbots

Social media app Instagram may soon unveil generative AI chatbots, according to images shared on Twitter by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi. The Meta-owned app’s plans suggest the ‘AI Agents’ will offer a choice of 30 personalities to the users, though Instagram hasn’t officially commented on the leaked images one way or another.

Generative AI Instagram

The generative AI Agents depicted in the images suggest they will assist users by answering questions, sharing advice (presumably varying based on the chosen personality), and helping write messages. The large language model underlying the AI is not mentioned. Meta introduced its own LLM named Llama last year and shared it under a strict research license, though the code ended up getting leaked online. The social media giant has lately demonstrated more visual AI projects, so predicting the model or models deployed by Instagram is tricky. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the company is keen on designing creative tools with generative AI and building toward producing AI personalities, and the limited information about Instagram’s strategy would fit the bill.

Instagram’s AI chatbot plans would fit with the trend among social media brands to capitalize on the technology. Snapchat’s My AI chatbot recently went from a premium feature to generally available, and Twitter launched a generative AI initiative called X.AI in April with heavy investment by CEO Elon Musk. Meanwhile, TikTok is testing a generative AI chatbot named Tako, albeit only in the Philippines for now.

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