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Snapchat Debuts Generative AI Lenses and Opens ‘My AI’ Chatbot to Everyone

Snapchat has introduced a new range of generative AI-powered Lenses and made its “My AI” generative AI chatbot available to all users after its initial release as part of the $3.99 Snapchat+ premium subscription service.

Generative Snap

Snap began its generative AI Lens rollout with the new ‘Cosmic Lens’ and the “animated sci-fi scene” it creates. You can see an example on the right. The new lenses are part of a larger revamp to the Snapchat filters. The social media platform will also start suggesting context-relevant Lenses to users based on analyzing what’s in the camera view and data it can pull from the phone about time and weather. There are a lot of potential options at this point, according to Snapchat, with more than three million Lenses built by more than 300,000 creators and more than 10 billion views of the most popular Lenses.

“AI and AR are deeply interconnected, powering a new spectrum of creative possibilities,” Snap CTO Bobby Murphy explained during the annual Snap Partner Summit held this week. “Our vision is to weave computing seamlessly into the world — and support our vibrant community of AR creators, developers and partners.”

The wide release of the My AI chatbot enables any Snapchat user to talk to the OpenAI LLM-powered creation and its colorful avatars. In fact, each user gets their own unique Bitmoji version of the character, though it can then be customized manually. The AI has its own personality, fine-tuned from its initial form, and can be added to group chats, with a sparkle next to its name indicating it’s an AI. It can answer questions and carry out tasks, including searching local events and launching lenses for photos. My AI hasn’t entirely shaken its past as a premium product, though. Snapchat+ subscribers can get the AI to be more active in the visual side of Snapchat messages, responding to Snapchat photos sent by the user with AI-generated pictures of its own.


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