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Proto and Codebaby Partner to Bring Conversational Generative AI to Hologram Avatars

Holographic display provider Proto has teamed up with enterprise conversational AI developer CodeBaby to blend their technologies into three-dimensional AI avatars for businesses to use in areas like customer service, education, and entertainment.

Holographic AI

Proto is known for high-definition hologram generators and related operating systems. The 3D videos and communications supported by the technology are used in business, entertainment,  and education to portray imaginary characters and real people like Walmart founder Sam Walton. Codebaby supplies virtual beings for customer service using conversational AI. The company has begun experimenting with employing generative AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

“Our overarching goal is to bring a visual component to conversational AI and generative AI,” Proto head of innovation Raffi Kyrszek told Voicebot in an interview. “Most of these [AI interfaces] are text-based, with maybe some being voice-based. We’re a visual computing company, so we’re relying on Codebaby for the backend tech. We’ll bring creativity and imagery for new characters. We are working with them because they have the flexibility for that.”

The two are combining their products, starting with a holographic customer service avatar that can be used to answer customer questions and resolve issues. The avatar will be able to understand and respond to natural language queries, and it will be able to access and process information from Proto’s holographic database. The collaboration will likely extend into other areas as well, including personalized education and interactive entertainment.

“Our collaboration with Proto is a major step forward in our mission to make conversational AI more accessible and engaging,” CodeBaby president Norrie Daroga said. “By combining our technology with Proto’s holographic platform, we can create avatars that are not only realistic and lifelike, but also able to have meaningful conversations with users.”

Generative Avatars

The rapid proliferation of generative AI models for businesses should help Codebaby and Proto attract interest, especially within the world of customer service. Automated customer service provider Ada recently debuted some generative AI tools, while  LivePerson and Cohere have partnered to bring custom LLMs to enterprise services. NLX and Conversica have both embedded generative AI into their virtual agent platforms. The brand-specific generative AI for customer service has also become part of bigger names in customer service, like’s Dynamic Conversation Designer, Gupshup’s enterprise chatbots, and Yext’s Auto Bot Builder.

“We’re using ChatGPT in a hybrid with Google Dialog. Part of the beauty of the arrangement is that the hardware baseline is very advanced and prepared to work with software that can be updated,” Kyrszek said. “We’re in the middle of deployments right now, and the AI [avatars] work great with the speed and realism of our [holographic platform].

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