ChatGPT Professional

OpenAI Opens Waitlist for ChatGPT Professional to Monetize Generative AI Chatbot

OpenAI may soon charge for a version of its popular generative AI chatbot ChatGPT. The startup announced its plans on Discord with a link to sign up for the waiting list of what it calls ChatGPT Professional with a series of questions related to the cost and use of an enterprise version of the chatbot.

ChatGPT Professional

OpenAI explained in its announcement that the company is “starting to think about how to monetize ChatGPT” so that it can maintain its “long-term viability.” ChatGPT Professional is supposed to address those issues, with the survey explaining that the still experimental product will always be available, have a fast response, and have at least twice the current limit of messages so that the user doesn’t run out the way it’s possible to do with the current free version. The survey asks questions about how the applicant would use ChatGPT professionally and what monthly price they would consider too high.

“If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you to set up a payment process and a pilot,” OpenAI explains in the survey. “Please keep in mind that this is an early experimental program that is subject to change, and we are not making paid pro access generally available at this time.”

ChatGPT is likely to find plenty of people willing to pay any reasonable price, especially if the free version of the massively successful tool is cut back or eliminated in favor of the upgraded service. Demand has already prompted Microsoft to work on integrating ChatGPT into Microsoft Word and other Office products as well as its Bing search engine. It will also supposedly deepen its $1 billion investment in OpenAI to $10 billion.

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