Picsart Update

Picsart Adds Background and Object Replacement Synthetic Image AI Tools

Digital content creator Picsart has augmented the AI writing and image-generating services introduced to its digital creation platform last month with new customization tools. The AI Background and AI Replace features allow Picsart users to replace objects and create backgrounds extending the generative AI tools past the initial production and into the editing phase.

Background and Replace

Picsart added the AI Background and AI Replace tools to the suite of media editing options. AI Replace uses AI to define an object in an image and swap it out with something that would fit, as seen above. AI Background places objects into a newly created scene with an eye toward making it appear that it was always there. As with the initial image generator, the final version of the image joins the catalog of user-created content available in the community’s free-to-edit library, much like Canva or other content platforms.

“The new AI Background will serve as an incredibly helpful tool for marketers to place their products in various scenes, while the AI Replace tool brings even more possibilities for endless creativity,” Picsart vice president of product Lusine Harutyunyan said. “We’ve already seen generative AI tools serve various types of users on our platform including both everyday consumers and marketers. We know these latest tools will serve the same wide range of creators.”

Picsart claims that users have used its AI image generation to create more than 25 million images, with more than a million produced every day. The company has more than 150 million monthly active users overall. Picsart raised $130 million last year, but investors are generating big checks for startups that can generate AI content. While enterprise writing AI startup Regie’s $10 million raise and interactive AI writing guide developer Writer’s $21 million show they’re still early in growth, text and image AI generator Jasper just raised $125 million, and Grammarly boasted a fresh $200 million to keep developing an AI writing assistant further. OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator is having a boom of its own, with Microsoft embedding it in the 365 Office suite and Shutterstock incorporating it into its own platform. The popularity of generative AI in text and visual form means there won’t be any lack of options any time soon.

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