X600 10 Minutes on Voice Strategy with Brandon Kaplan of Skilled Creative (1)

10 Minutes On Voice Strategy with Brandon Kaplan of Skilled Creative (Video)

Brandon Kaplan, the CEO of Skilled Creative and a co-founder of Journey, breaks down the most important elements of a voice AI strategy in this interview for the 10 Minutes on YouTube series. He notes that many of the most important elements of a voice strategy are overlooked in a rush to build a creative experience. Kaplan commented during our interview:

Voice strategy is essentially all of the work we do before we go into production with a best-in-class voice experience…Before you get into creative production, conversational design, copywriting, visual production, and audio production, you’ve really got to nail the strategy. That’s determining the consumer insight, the business use case, the platform you are going to be on, the modality you are going [to implement], why we are doing this, and the best way to approach it.

Voice Strategy and ROI

Kaplan mentions specific use cases such as voice commerce, voice CRM with lead capture, voice search, voice-controlled websites and apps, contact center, and other applications that are return-on-investment-led projects. We are no longer living in 2017 or 2018, when companies wanted to “try out” a voice experience to learn and put some innovation in front of customers. Today, companies need to know specifically what metrics important to the business the voice experience will impact. That is where the strategy development process becomes vital.

We also have a discussion about something the Skilled Creative team learned from the user data that helps make voice experiences more successful. He closes with a tip on how to improve conversion and completion rates of voice interactive experiences. You can learn more about Skilled Creative on Twitter and the web.

More About 10 Minutes On with Skilled Creative

This interview is part of a thought leadership series called 10 Minutes On by Voicebot.ai. The interviews focus on a single topic, are short enough to watch between Zoom meetings, and are long enough to share some interesting insights and solution details. You can find more video interviews like this on Voicebot’s YouTube channel or by clicking Videos in the website’s top navigation bar.

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