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Nick Schwab Founder of SleepJar on Building a Business Around Consumer Voice Apps – Voicebot Podcast Ep 272

Nick Schwab is making his record fifth appearance on the Voicebot Podcast. You can hear him previously on episodes 2, 22, 58, and 96. In fact, I recommend you check out episodes 2 and 58 to learn more about his background and a sense of how his business has evolved from Deal of the Day to Stock Ticker to a sleep sounds empire.

The more notable aspects of Nick’s appearance today are that he has not been on the podcast in three years, and Sleep Jar is one of the most successful Alexa skills and voice-first user experiences developed by a third party. We get into monetization, growth, working with the platforms, and sometimes no longer working with them. We also touch on the 2022 Alexa Live announcements and Google’s retreat from the third-party voice app development community, and how those moves may impact the industry.

Nick Schwab began building Alexa skills in 2016 and founded Sleep Jar (formerly known as Invoked Apps) in 2017. Prior to committing to Sleep Jar full time, he was a senior software engineer at Livio, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. He is also an Alexa champion.

Nick Schwab Interview – Sleep Jar






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