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Top Voice AI Stories in the First Half of 2022 (with VIDEO) – Voicebot Podcast Ep 261

Twice per year, we take a step back to review the top stories of the past six months in Voice AI land. Long-time notable industry leaders Sarah Andrew Wilson and Paul Sweeney join Eric Schwartz and Bret Kinsella today in discussing topics ranging from Amazon’s new Astro Robot operating in the real world to new enterprise applications for voice.

We tackle Google’s sunsetting of third-party conversational actions and how that won’t likely lead to a lot of new Google Assistant-enabled Android apps switching over. We also hit on the rise of voice AI in the contact center, the new rollouts of custom branded assistants, the increase in the number of industry acquisitions and the size of funding rounds for startups in the sector,  and a whole lot more.

Our speakers breaking down the news of 2022 include:

  • Sarah Andrew Wilson – former CCO at Matchbox.io before Volley acquisition
  • Paul Sweeney – chief product officer at Webio
  • Eric Schwartz – head writer at Voicebot.ai
  • Bret Kinsella – founder of Voicebot.ai

Interview with Sarah Andrew Wilson and Paul Sweeney – Top Voice Stores So Far in 2022

You can listen to the podcast interview above, on Google or Apple Podcasts, or most of the leading podcast players.




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