Virtual Humans Meet Virtual Assistants with Deepbrain AI (VIDEO)

Virtual humans have transitioned from novelty to an innovative business tool for connecting with customers, employees, and audiences. They are now being adopted for use cases ranging from customer support and virtual greeters in stores to shopping assistants, news anchors, and even clones of politicians. Joe Murphy and Felix Kim of Deepbrain AI joined me for a recent webinar to talk about virtual humans, address some myths, and show a number of live demos of the technology.

Conversation vs Information

One of the great insights offered by Murphy and Kim was the categorization of conversational and informational virtual humans. The former have a conversational bot behind the avatar and the latter are scripted videos. This is an important distinction that is often overlooked. While Deepbrain AI supports both virtual human catagories, many companies are focused on one or the other. A virtual conceirge at a hotel is a good example of a conversational virtual human while a virtual news anchor would most likely fall into the informational slot.

You should watch the video for commentary alongside the live demos. One element I particularly liked was the side-by-side videos of real humans and their virtual human digital twins. Seeing and hearing the human speaking and then the digital twin on a split-screen will offer you an idea about how far the technology has advanced in just a couple of years. So, check out the full webinar above and some of the examples of Deepbrain virtual humans reading Voicebot news stories in some of the links below. Let me know what you think.

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