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Virtual Humans Meet Virtual Assistants – Voicebot Webinar with Deepbrain AI

Virtual Humans are about to become a pervasive technology. Employing a virtual human on a website or in a kiosk has already shown higher engagement, conversions, and user satisfaction in multiple studies. We are now past the uncanny valley and consumers are increasingly receptive to virtual human characters in media, marketing, and customer support. And, of course, there is an expectation of widespread adoption of humanlike 3D avatars in metaverse spaces.

The next edition of the Voicebot Webinar Series is Virtual Humans Meet Virtual Assistants. It will feature Deepbrain AI virtual humans and real humans Joe Murphy and Felix Kim. They will run several virtual human demonstrations, discuss use cases in detail, and break down both the technology and myths behind the products. You can learn more about the event in the video below.


Event Details

Deepbrain AI has been the breakout success of virtual human providers in Korea followed by expansion across Asia. The company is just entering the U.S. market and wanted to debut their technology to the Voicebot audience.

The event is for marketers, developers, customer support, executives, and others that want to see the latest in virtual human technology as well as the use cases that are gaining reactions. A discussion and presentation segment will be followed by a live Q&A for attendees with Deepbrain’s Kim and Murphy along with Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella. Register to attend the webinar live or to receive access to the recording afterward.

  • Day: Wednesday, July 27
  • Time: 12 noon EDT
  • Duration: 30-minute demonstration and discussion followed by Q&A
  • Location: Zoom
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The Rise of Virtual Humans

There is more than one virtual human implementation model just as there are many use cases. What is consistent in the data reviewed by Voicebot is that the addition of a virtual human brings benefits over still images and text. As brands and media companies seek new ways to engage consumers, the widespread adoption of the technology seems inevitable.

Voice assistants will power the conversational ability of many of these virtual humans which will represent companies, become intelligent non-player characters (NPC), and serve as digital twins for high profile public figures. Virtual humans will be one of the most important intersections of visual and voice AI technologies. This opens up a new market for conversational AI designers and developers to embrace.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about virtual humans and seeing you at next week’s webinar. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter.