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Corporate Copy Editing AI Startup Writer Debuts CoWrite Tool to Generate First Drafts With GPT-3

AI assistant for content creation startup Writer has introduced a tool for generating written content using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. The CoWrite feature lets companies and organizations quickly produce a rough draft of marketing, promotional, and related content, essentially a more robust version of Writer’s ‘virtual copy editor’ flagship product.

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CoWrite extends the interactive style guide system Writer created when it launched in 2015 into actually writing at least an early version of the copy the organization wants to publish. CoWrite processes a company’s articles, ads, blog posts, and other content then attempts to mimic it for new content by fine-tuning the GPT-3 text generator and evaluating with the same dynamic style guide AI Writer already offers. The tool generates templates for future use and machine learning to continually improve upon its results.

“With CoWrite, Writer can now support customers not just during the writing and editing phases, but also during the ideation and outlining phases,” Writer CEO May Habib explained. “By giving customers the ability to create on-brand AI-generated first drafts in a fraction of the time, CoWrite empowers writers to accelerate their content production process without sacrificing brand consistency or quality.”

Virtual Editors

Writer is pitching CoWrite not as a replacement for content creators but as a way to skip rehashing boilerplate language and the more repetitive elements of writing marketing copy. The idea is that CoWrite picks up some of the boring parts, leaving the creative element for humans and helping fill the never-ending hole of content across the vast number of physical and digital channels that companies and organizations want to use for communication.

The demand for AI assistance in the space helped Writer pick up $21 million in funding last year, but new competitors are appearing all the time. Compose.ai raised a $2.1 million seed round for its own universal auto-complete system that can sound like individual employees within a business, while Copy.ai raised $2.9 million to use GPT-3 to help businesses write advertisements, product descriptions, social media posts, and other text.


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