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Kim Conti and Chen Zhang of RAIN Agency on Custom Voice Assistants for Deskless Workers – Voicebot Podcast Ep 262

Voice assistants have broad adoption among consumers and for several consumer-facing business activities such as customer support or as an embedded product feature. Kim Conti, vice president of product, and Chen Zhang, chief technology officer of RAIN Agency share their experience building custom voice assistants that automate enterprise processes for deskless workers. They also share the details behind their beta version custom voice assistant for auto mechanics which is expected to be generally available later this year. We talk about everything from how they train the solution for accuracy and what data sources are accessed to the device form factor and what vendor technologies are employed.

Conti held product leadership roles at Travelers before joining RAIN to lead the in-house custom assistant product efforts. Zhang was on the natural language processing (NLP) software engineering team for Apple’s Chinese version of Siri and was later engineering director of AI speech and NLP for Midea, the global appliance maker. He talks freely about symbolic (rules-based) and connectionist (machine learning) approaches to voice assistant development that he has employed over the past decade along with some of the data challenges and technical hurdles to supporting workers in an auto repair shop compared to consumer settings. The conversation covers topics ranging from the market to technology with a healthy dose of business processes.

Kim Conti and Chen Zhang Interview – RAIN Agency






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