Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex Chatbot Designer Released

Amazon has rolled out the Lex automated chatbot designer for general use. Lex enables developers to create and deploy AI-enabled chatbots using natural language models.

Lex Chat

The idea behind Lex is to smooth and accelerate chatbot design and release. Amazon claims its AI is capable of shaving what would be weeks of effort into less than a day. Once Lex is set up, developers can funnel transcripts to Amazon Connect or a similar storage place. The AI pores over many thousands of pages and digests them in just a few hours into a usable chatbot built with common intents and ideas as a template. Once the chatbot is built and ready, Lex can deploy it wherever makes the most sense, though Amazon seems to be eyeing the contact center and customer support.

“Designing a conversational chatbot is manual, time-consuming, and complex because it requires a deep understanding of spoken language and human interactions,” Amazon explained in a blog post.  Chatbot developers can spend weeks listening to call recordings and analyzing thousands of lines of customer service transcripts to find the right intents to design contact center chatbots, which is difficult, error prone, and may lead to poor customer experiences. Further, a chatbot with missing, incomplete, or overlapping intents will fail to resolve issues and requests accurately, resulting in frustrated customers.”


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