Las Vegas Raiders Launch Conversational AI Chatbot for Fans on Facebook Messenger

The Las Vegas Raiders have debuted a chatbot for Facebook Messenger to communicate with fans. The team built the new AI in a partnership with GameOn Technology, which has developed similar services for other sports franchises.

Raider Chat

The Facebook Messenger chatbot pulls team information from the Raiders’ databases, accessing their content management system and funneling new information through API feeds. Users can ask the chatbot for game information, highlights and news, stats, ticketing information, and even how to get around the stadium. The AI runs on GameOn’s ChatOS system of development and integration. The platform can handle text and voice communication, but users Messenger as a hub for the Raiders and their fans. GameOn works with several sports franchises in the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and more. The interactive AIs are integrated onto most major chat platforms, and the company has raised $4.6 million.

“We’re excited to welcome the Raiders to the GameOn family, enhancing the way that fans interact with their favorite tea,” GameOn Technology co-founder Kalin Stanojev said. “This application will give users access to a variety of features and functionality all in one place such as a fast and easy way to purchase tickets. We’re confident that this new experience will continue to evolve the way sporting teams connect with their fan.”

Sports AI

Sports teams and leagues have been upping their experiments with communications and AI tech. The NFL signed a deal with Twitter that incorporates the Twitter Spaces social audio platform for live audio content. Previously, the league worked with Clubhouse to promote this year’s draft. Clubhouse set up a digital venue for official NFL discussions, hosting rooms and a mock draft run by fans, although nothing specifically for the coaches and players to interact with participants. The Wolverhampton Wanderers also embraced some social audio with HearMeCheer integrated into the team’s website. On the voice AI side, Alexa regularly adds information on a growing number of athletic competitions both in the U.S. and abroad. For instance, Alexa can serve as a fantasy football coach thanks to a skillset from sports conversational AI developer StatMuse, offering advice and suggestions for fantasy football players.

And Alexa was chosen by Real Madrid to host its first voice skill, and it’s the platform for the official voice skill of New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team. In the U.S., the NBA has set up Alexa Skills for all of its teams. There are official Alexa Skills from the NFL and NHL, not to mention Amazon’s exclusive rights to broadcast the US Open whenever it returns. Google has its own sports strategy, relying on its search engine to help bring new information to the voice assistant as it did during the ICC Cricket World Cup.


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