Echo Buds Brazil

Amazon Launches Alexa-Powered Echo Buds in Brazil

Amazon has introduced the Alexa-enabled Echo Buds earbuds to Brazil. The second-generation hearables arrival reflects the growth of Alexa devices in Brazil and the success Amazon seeks with its smart earbuds.

Brazil Buds

The Echo Buds in Brazil are the newer version of the devices. They’re smaller and include active noise cancellation and better audio hardware than the first version of the Echo Buds. The active noise cancellation technology built by Amazon replaces the Bose active noise ‘reduction’ tech in the first Echo Buds. Amazon claims its creation can shut out double the sound level from the outside world. The Echo Buds also tie into the larger Alexa ecosystem as the voice assistant on an Echo or the mobile app will locate the Echo Buds when asked. The Echo Buds cost about $175 with the standard case and about $200 with a wireless charging case in Brazil. They cost $120 and $140, respectively, in the U.S., but the cost likely reflects the ongoing supply chain issues and general upping of prices in Brazil.

“We are very happy to announce the arrival of Echo Buds in Brazil. It has always been part of our vision to develop devices and resources capable of making customers’ lives simpler, funnier and smarter,” Amazon Brazil general manager for devices Jacques Benain said. “In these two years of Alexa in Brazil, we see an important evolution in the use of voice in this sense, and the Echo Buds come precisely to provide a complete experience to customers at any time of the day and anywhere.”

Hearing Success

There’s plenty of reason to think that the devices will be successful in Brazil as hearables become more popular. Voicebot’s data from October of 2020 showed ownership of hearables rose 23% over two years among U.S. adults. Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro have consistently been leading the sales. There are many earbuds linked to one for more voice assistants like the Echo Buds. The Google Pixel Buds, Samsung’s bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live, the Baidu XiaoduPods, Microsoft Surface Earbuds, and the sundry third-party creations by Bose or JBL are all competing and iterating as quickly as they can.

Still, The Echo Buds garnered a lot of fans early on based on the reviews and responses to its hearables. The growth in the variety and spread of smart hearables suggests that the trend is ongoing and international. Amazon has not shared specifics of how well Alexa is doing in Brazil since it debuted in 2019, but the choice to bring the Echo Buds to the country may be indicative. It would also match with how Brazil is so far the only country to have the Alexa Accessibility Awards, a contest for third-party Alexa developers working on making skills accessible for those with disabilities.


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