Amazon Alexa is Now a Fantasy Football Coach

With the end of summer and football season arriving, Amazon is planning to entice fantasy football players with new data and a new skill from sports conversational AI developer StatMuse. Alexa users can now use the StatMuse Skill to get information and suggestions from ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry.

Personalized Fantasy

When users ask Alexa to “talk with Matthew Berry,” or “ask StatMuse” to find out all kinds of information. Statistics and projected rankings for teams, Berry’s suggestions for fantasy draft picks, and direct comparisons between different players are all in the database. The stats include not just real-world moments, but how the players did in fantasy leagues as well.

It’s Berry’s contribution that is particularly useful for fantasy football players. His advice will be updated throughout the football season. He will suggest starting lineups and his thoughts on different trade offers. StatMuse is working on a new premium service for their Alexa skill that will allow users to customize his advice to their specific teams.

StatMuse Fantasy Football with Matthew Berry from StatMuse on Vimeo.

Fantasy Football Fandom

Alexa is also expanding the kind of information football fans can get from the voice assistant directly. Amazon updated the data accessible by users, with more statistics and information. Along with the NFL and its players, Alexa users can get details on college and even high school football games. Alexa can answer questions about win records, player participation, and related information. The stats can also be applied to answering questions about fantasy points for individual players.

StatMuse isn’t Alexa’s first fantasy football foray. Alexa started adding football and other sports information to its queries last year. And, at the start of the season in 2018, FanDuel created an Alexa fantasy football game.

It’s not just with Alexa that Amazon is applying its AI to football. Amazon’s AWS has placed sensors through NFL stadiums track tags on player uniforms to track their movement and use machine learning to analyze that information. People watching football on television will see real-time stats and predictions about formations and plays using that data.


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