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BT Selects Dubber as Default AI Transcription Service for Meetings

Australian voice tech developer Dubber will become the default recording and transcription service for BT’s digital conferencing service BT  Meetings. BT (formerly British Telecom) will integrate Dubber’s Unified Call Recording with AI-powered meeting transcription and analysis into its global platform for an undisclosed up-front and per-use price.

BT Dubs

Dubber’s software records and transcribes audio and video calls, taking notes along the way and analyzing conversations for additional elements like emotion and sentiment. Designed for enterprises and government organizations, the cloud recording is stored in a central location to ensure compliance with privacy rules that many businesses and public groups have to follow. The conversations are collated together from phone calls, digital meetings, and any other communications service that Dubber can connect to. Dubber is publicly traded on the Australian stock exchange as DUB, but operates globally within any compatible platform. That fits with BT Meetings, which operates independently and within Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

“We are really pleased to be delivering Dubber unified recording and conversational AI as a core feature to BT, a true global telecommunications leader,” Dubber CEO Steve McGovern said in a statement. ” The newly released managed service offerings will enable BT to continue to demonstrate its innovation leadership. Multinational organizations can now depend on BT for the high-performing secure connections it is known for, but now also for delivering outstanding value from the content inside every conversation on BT services.”

Meeting Needs

Voice AI for business meetings has quickly become an almost standard feature after rapid adoption when the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the number of remote meetings far beyond previous levels. Young startups and existing platforms quickly evolved to meet the demand. For instance, Otter.ai went from real-time transcriptions to a suite of secretarial features for most meeting platforms after raising $50 million in February. Funding rounds for companies offering the service have become regular occurrences, from Fireflies.ai’s $14 million and Symbl’s $17 million, up to Observe.AI’s $54 million, Dialpad’s $100 million, and Verbit’s $250 million funding round a few weeks ago.

Dubber has had a busy year as well, expanding to Zoom in April and then acquiring AI note-taking startup Notiv for $4.75 million in September. Still, Dubber’s presence within the service represents a huge leap in the potential reach of its technology and corresponding financial gain. BT Meetings is a product of BT’s BT Global subsidiary, which operates in more than 180 countries and pulls in around $7 billion of revenue a year. A small fraction of that customer base could net major profits for Dubber, even at a heavily discounted price for each use by a BT customer.

“Together we are meeting a critical customer need to know what was said to drive better compliance outcomes, especially in industries such as financial services, improve employee wellbeing and training over UC and enable better customer experience,” BT chief product and digital officer Hriday Ravindranath said. “The partnership announced today by Dubber and BT is just the start of an exciting, shared journey of innovation and collaboration that will shape the future of conversational capture and AI.”


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