Dubber Brings AI-Powered Call Transcription and Analysis to Zoom

Business calls on Zoom can now be transcribed and analyzed by Dubber. The Australian voice AI developer’s Unified Call Recording will integrate into Zoom’s platform to automatically record and process the audio of the call, giving the popular communications company an array of new tools to entice enterprise clients after a year of massively increased use.

Zoom Dubber

Dubber is a software tool within the Zoom App Marketplace that transcribes any call over Zoom, whether a video or purely audio discussion. The AI transcribes the call and is able to note emotional tones and sentiment within the text. The feature is aimed in particular at enterprises and government organizations who want or require collecting and delving into their communications. The cloud recording is stored in a central location to ensure compliance with privacy rules that many businesses and public groups have to follow. The transcription service costs $14.95 a month per user, with the AI analytics priced at $29.95 a month.

“Unified Call Recording with Zoom reflects the way employees work today – from anywhere and across many devices and solutions,” Dubber CEO Steve McGovern said in a statement. “Many have embraced Zoom as an integral part of their business and communications infrastructure. The ability to capture recordings from Zoom and manage them centrally in the Voice Intelligence Cloud demonstrates the true value of Unified Call Recording.”

Vocal Value

Transcribing and analyzing calls has risen in popularity a lot over the last few years, attracting investment and partnerships to a wide range of providers. Demand only accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global shift to working from home. Major funding rounds dropped on a semi-regular basis, including Observe.AI raising $54 million and Replicant raising $27 million in September, Dialpad raising $100 million in October, and Verbit closing a $60 million round in November. This year, Otter.ai raised $50 million for its own solution, right after scoring a deal with Google Meet to handle transcription and analysis. The value of these tools is unlikely to disappear even as businesses consider reopening their physical office. Looking beyond purely creating a way to all to each other may actually boost the push by providers like Zoom to work to add these kinds of tools.

“Helping our customers to get the most value from their voice data is an important objective for Zoom,” Zoom Global ISV Program Leader Paul Magnaghi said in a statement. “Dubber works to assist customers in meeting their compliance obligations and gain valuable business intelligence from voice data, especially in this time of remote and hybrid working models.”


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