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Vinay Shukla CEO of ConverseNow on Voice Assistants for Restaurants – Voicebot Podcast Ep 236

Vinay Shukla is CEO and co-founder of ConverseNow and the former founder and President of Endeavour Software. Endeavour was acquired by Genpact in 2016 where Vinay served as vice president of digital for two years before founding ConverseNow.

Today we discuss ConverseNow’s original focus, its pivot to serving restaurants in late 2019, and how the pandemic has transformed that industry. We also discuss how the company went from serving zero to over 1000 restaurants in less than two years.

Earlier in his career, Vinay was an assistant vice president of technology at Barclays and a solutions architect at UBS.

Show Notes – Vinay Shukla Interview – ConverseNow

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