Podcast Title 233 Elena Parlatore – Pepsico-01

Conversational AI at Pepsico with Elena Parlatore – Voicebot Podcast Ep 233

Elena Parlatore is the senior director of global digital consumer experience at Pepsico. Her role in the consumer insights group focuses on all of the ways consumers interact with Pepsico products and channels. A big part of that work is focused on consumer interaction with conversational AI technologies through Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, website chatbots, and the call center.

Today, we discuss the objectives, technologies, channels, and the results of Pepsico’s many conversational AI initiatives and its work with XAPP.ai. It is a rare look inside the way that large consumer goods enterprises approach conversational AI.

Parlatore previously was director of ecommerce marketing and partnerships at Pepsico and before that director of digital and social marketing for Quaker Oats. Prior to joining Pepsico, Parlatore was with Digitas where she worked on several accounts such as Kraft and Sara Lee. Her work at Kraft included a full-time, onsite role as the company’s digital marketing manager. Earlier in her career, she was also a marketing manager at Whirlpool.

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