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Clubhouse’s New Music Mode Tunes Performances to Higher Quality Stereo Sounds

Clubhouse rolled out a new Music Mode to help performers sound their best. The option raises the audio quality of the performance to a new level, broadcast in stereo. Music Mode adds to Clubhouse’s efforts to appeal to more performance artists, an increasingly competitive facet of the social audio app market.

Music Mode

Clubhouse musicians can turn on Music Mode from the audio quality menu, as seen above. The startup hasn’t detailed the exact audio specs of the new feature, but it’s good enough for connecting professional audio equipment. Clubhouse suggested performers might want to connect external mixing boards and USB-connected microphones for their shows. The audio quality will also be available for the recently announced Clips feature of pre-recorded audio. Music Mode automatically enables stereo audio for listeners regardless of the device they use to listen, likely building on the Spatial Audio feature added in August. Like most new Clubhouse features, Music Mode is only available on iOS for now, with an Android version slated for the future.

“Whether you’re workshopping that new song, playing piano, or hosting a jam session with your friends, Music Mode optimizes Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound,” Clubhouse explained in a blog post. “For those listening, you won’t need to hop on stage for better audio quality (so stay in the audience if that’s your mood!) You’ll also be able to hear stereo audio whether you use headphones, a speaker, or just your phone.”

Feature Symphony

Clubhouse released Music Mode in tandem with updates to its new search feature, moving the search bar to the top of the app and connecting it to the Wave audio chat invitation feature. Concerts, shows, and other events have rapidly risen in importance for Clubhouse and other social audio platforms. The startup has scored partnerships with big-name brands like TED Talks and the NHL and is attempting to cultivate others from the ground up via the mushrooming Creator First programs. New features like Wave, Backchannel direct texting, and the pre-recorded Clips are all conducive to users who open the app to experience a show as much as engage in discussion.

The same goes for Spotify as it promotes new shows and projects on Greenroom, a social audio platform explicitly designed for performances, much like Discord’s Stage Channels and its ongoing showcase of celebrities and events. Facebook’s new Live Audio Rooms and the rumored Amazon social audio platform are both designed around the same premise. Even Twitter Spaces is catching up, starting the Spark accelerator program for social audio creators this week.


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