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Hannes Heikinheimo Co-founder and CTO at Speechly – Voicebot Podcast Ep 228

Hannes Heikenheimo co-founded Speechly in 2016 with the vision to create a low-latency, real-time streaming speech recognition API. Today, Speechly offers an API that it says is the fastest voice UI for the web and other platforms. The technology approach differs significantly from traditional turn-based conversational voice assistants. Speechly’s solution listens but doesn’t talk back. It is natively multimodal and responses are rendered on the screen as the user is speaking. This eliminates the need to wait for the user to finish their request before beginning to fulfill it which reduces response time. The solution also will update the screen as the user continues to speak if a more relevant fulfillment output is identified based on what is said.

Prior to Speechly, Hannes was a data science partner at Reaktor, a language engineer working on Siri for Apple, the analytics lead at game-maker Rovio, and a Senior Data Scientist at Nokia. Earlier, Hannes was a machine learning researcher at Helsinki University of Technology where he earned his PhD. You can watch Hannes and his colleague Antti Ukkonen in a more technical demonstration of Speechly’s capabilities in a recent webinar hosted by Voicebot.

Show Notes – Hannes HeikinHeimo Interview – Speechly

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