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Daniel Kornev Chief Product Officer at DeepPavlov on Open Source Voice Assistants and the Alexa Prize – Voicebot Podcast Ep 227

Daniel Kornev is chief product officer for DeepPavlov.ai which is the developer behind the DeepPavlov open source framework for building voice assistants. The company has raised over $9 million in funding and has over 50,000 downloads and 5,000 Stars on GitHub.

Kornev has also served as an advisor to the Alexa Prize team from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Before DeepPavlov, he spent two years working as a consultant and interim executive with a variety of conversational AI startups. He was also a Senior Product Manager at Yandex where he worked on some of the core feature sets for the Alice voice assistant.

Earlier, he was a technical program manager at Google and a program manager and dev evangelist at Microsoft. Daniel Kornev has an M.S. in computer science and has done extensive research in human-computer interaction.

Show Notes – Daniel Kornev Interview – DeepPavlov

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