Voice Talks Megan Grace

Voice Talks Buys Into Voice Commerce on Sept. 30

Modev’s VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant show will return this week to tackle the impact of conversational AI on e-commerce. This will be the new show host and Google Assistant partnerships lead Megan Grace’s second episode and it will stream live on Sept. 30 at 2 p.m. ET. You can see a brief preview of what will be in the episode above.

Conversational Commerce

For the discussion of e-commerce and voice, this month’s episode will center on a conversation between Google Assistant Developer Platform director of product management, Rebecca Nathenson and conversational commerce vice president for Walmart’s incubation division Store No8 Dominique Essig.  Nathenson will talk to Essig about how Store No8, is applying voice AI to upgrade the shopping experience for customers and how the shepherd new ideas through testing and implementation. Walmart has had direct ordering through Google Assistant since 2019 and has been keen to explore ways of using voice tech. The company incorporates voice shopping on its Indian e-commerce subsidiary Flipkart and built the Ask Sam voice app for employees to use to help customers.

“We’ve found that customers really enjoy talking to brands. Our conversational commerce team is focused on how we build conversational capabilities, so that Walmart customers can talk to us — to save people time and money, so they can live better,” said Essig. “I’m incredibly excited about voice commerce and how it can enable and help our families. The expectation in 2030 is that 30 percent of e-commerce revenue will come from voice shopping. There is a tremendous opportunity to help our customers.”

Voicing Culture

After the conversation, RAIN UX designer Lauren Madsen will relate how e-commerce platforms can use multimodal technology to build up trust with customers. Grace will MC the show as a whole and will be monitoring #voicetalks on Twitter to share and respond to viewers of the program. This month’s episode will also include a celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.  Journalist Rodrigo Cervantes and Arizona State University journalism professor Julio Cisneros will debut a new Google Assistant action called “Today in Latino History” and talk about how these cultural voice apps can introduce people to historical people and events they might never have encountered.

“Conversational technologies are transforming e-commerce and retail as we know it,” Modev CEO Pete Erickson said. “The September episode will focus on the voice-enabled innovations that are re-shaping our retail and customer experiences. We will also honor Latino history during this important month and highlight actions that encourage greater cultural diversity and help us discover the rich and multifaceted world around us.”


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