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XAPP AI Launches Conversational Self-Service Bot Builder for Contact Centers on Amazon Web Services

XAPP AI today announced the availability of a new conversational bot builder for contact centers through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new product is called Conversational Self Service for Contact Center Intelligence (CSS4CCI). The company says the service enables users to ingest content from websites, support documentation, and customer interactions to build production-ready conversational virtual agents for chat and voice in under an hour. XAPP’s machine teaching technology then continues training the virtual agents based on actual conversations to improve performance.

Pat Higbie, co-founder and CEO of XAPP AI, told Voicebot in an interview that the impetus behind the new product was to deliver a voice solution with a measurable return on investment (ROI) for enterprises. “Enterprise customers demand ROI, which they aren’t getting from marketing-oriented skills and actions alone.  They see a great opportunity for conversational AI to help improve customer service across all channels where they can achieve rapid ROI while improving their customer experience.”

Making it Easy to Leverage Virtual Assistants for Customer Support

A number of voice AI agencies and software developers that originally focused on marketing-oriented projects to reach consumers through Alexa, Google Assistant, and mobile apps have begun expanding their repertoire over the past year to include customer support and chat applications. At the same time, companies such as Microsoft and Nuance have been repurposing elements of their respective Azure Bot Services and Intelligent Engagement Platform to make it easier for enterprises to deploy customer support chatbots. Other contact center solution providers are also moving in this direction. Five9’s $172 million acquisition of Inference Solutions is a clear example of how important this segment has become.

XAPP AI’s Higbie points to two innovations that make CSS4CCI different. First, is the automated knowledge capture that comes from initial and periodic crawling of existing content combined with AI-enabled enterprise search via Amazon Kendra. The second is an automated human in the loop (HITL) workflow for continuous optimization of self-service experiences. The HITL has visibility into the conversational interactions with the virtual agent and has the ability through a web UI to improve both the understanding of customer requests and the virtual agent’s responses to them.

“The importance of the HITL workflow is that subject matter experts with no AI expertise can curate and optimize the knowledge base from existing content combined with continuous visibility of customer requests,” says Higbie. “This continuous optimization of self-service conversations gives enterprises a virtual ‘ear to the ground’ of what customers want.”

The deployment on AWS is also notable as that will make it easier for many organizations to try out the new offering using their existing AWS accounts. CSS4CCI is available to AWS users for $4799 per month or $47,988 for a year based on a limit of 45,000 contacts, 4,000 pages of content, and 20,000 test executions. Exchanges above 45,000 cost $0.22 per contact. There is a free 30-day trial option before committing to the monthly or annual agreement.

XAPP AI is a subsidiary of XAPPmedia. You learn more about CSS4CCI on AWS here.

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