India 2020 Voice AI Year in Review with Haptik, Slang Labs, Klovechef, and Women in Voice – Voicebot Podcast Ep 187

Today, we have one last Voice AI Year in Review episode. This one is focused on what went down in India in 2020. Our guests are some of the top Voice AI leaders in India and they share everything from what is happening in voice commerce, WhatsApp, and assistants on feature phones to how Indian consumers differ from the U.S. and much more. Below are the time stamps when each of our guest interviews begin.

  • 3:24 – Aarkrit Vaish, founder and CEO of Haptik
  • 18:40 – Kumar Rangarajan, Co-founder and CEO of Slang Labs
  • 30:48 – Sarandeep Kaur, co-founder of Women in Voice in India, and conversational AI manager for Novo Nordisk
  • 47:43 – Bahubali Shete, CEO of Klovechef

Show Notes – Voice AI in India Year-in-Review 2020 – Haptik, Slang Labs, Klovechef, Women in Voice

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