Sitecore Extends Content Delivery Platform to Voice-Enabled Devices

Digital experience software developer Sitecore has debuted a platform to deliver headless content to any interface. The new Sitecore Experience Edge content management system allows any brand to publish to a wide range of smart devices, including smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices, without the need to engineer the content for each outlet.

Edge Experience

Sitecore Experience Edge is built to simplify and speed up the process for marketers to release content on websites, phones, or smart home devices. The system enables clients to publish content at scale to their different channels, managing the content even after it is released. The company is also working on giving it personalization options and other features. What’s most notable is that Sitecore has expanded the list of channels to include voice-enabled devices. The way smart devices deliver the content varies based on the device used. In terms of a voice app, the response would combine audio, video, and images. Connolly suggested it might come out as audio or as a content card or template for Amazon Echo Shows or Facebook Portals. The voice element is still new, as textual content hasn’t been available to devices until now.

“The ability to directly present content for broad customer consumption is a new capability,” Sitecore vice president of product management Roger Connolly told Voicebot in an email interview. “However, the use of Sitecore Content Hub as a single source of truth for structured, modular content is not a new feature. New content types for novel use cases can be added.”

Voice Marketing

Sitecore’s headless content model with Experience Edge simplifies how companies coordinate the content across different channels. Brands planning digital marketing campaigns are exploring using smart speakers and smart displays more now than ever. Brands planning digital marketing campaigns are exploring using smart speakers and smart displays more now than ever. Right now, the voice marketing campaigns are usually disconnected from other ventures, such as the Nutella Creations voice app or the branded audio adventure created by Lucky Charms. There’s also the free sample offers on smart speakers from Coca-Cola or DKNY. have done with their voice apps. Harmonizing those voice efforts with website and mobile app creations will help enhance their impact.


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