Nutella Spreads Voice App to Google Assistant

Nutella’s new voice app is now available through Google Assistant after initially launching with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant last month. The Nutella Creations voice app brings similar features to a broader segment of the voice assistant-using population as part of Nutella’s marketing efforts.

Nutella Spreads

Nutella Creations combines recipes and guides for using Nutella in a variety of breakfast menus. There are instructions for making six different kinds of dinosaur pancakes, and it’s connected to the Nutella creations online recipe hub the company operates. Google Assistant users can also play four memory games related to Nutella designed to help people remember things about the spread, especially kids. Both the Google Assistant and Alexa voice apps were built in a partnership with voice app creation agency Skilled Creative.

“Nutella has an amazing brand, and they’re very open to new [ideas] with voice,“ Skilled Creative CEO Brandon Kaplan told Voicebot in an interview. “They came to us initially with the recipe ideas. We suggested including the games as a way of further engaging with people.”

The new Alexa and Google Assistant voice apps are part of a recent marketing push by Nutella built around encouraging people to switch from using maple syrup to using the hazelnut spread. Nutella even ran a Syrup Swap Shop pop-up in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, as seen above, where people could exchange a bottle of syrup for Nutella and some pancakes covered with the topping. The decision to start with the Alexa skill before adding a variant for Google Assistant was not a marketing decision so much as a choice to start where the biggest market share is in voice assistants, Kaplan said. The goal is a universally accessible branded voice app across all of the major voice assistant platforms.

Skilled Voices

Skilled Creative has been very busy of late, which Kaplan attributes in part to more brands being willing to experiment with voice apps as a marketing tool. The company recently debuted Real Simple Relax as a guided introduction to meditation via voice assistants, including visuals for smart displays. Real Simple is a division of media and lifestyle brand group Meredith that focuses on women under its recent acquisition Stop, Breathe & Think. Companies like Meredith and Nutella, which want to build awareness among a general audience, are well-positioned to get the most out of voice apps as people become used to using voice assistants in more contexts, Kaplan said.

“We have a lot of future plans with Nutella,” Kaplan said. “There’s a lot of opportunity in voice commerce, especially with branded utterances (where a voice assistant recognizes a brand name for purchasing via voice) and other ways of encouraging people to try brands. That’s going to be something you’ll probably hear a lot about in voice.”


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