Send Me a Sample DKNY

Ask Alexa and Google Assistant for a DKNY Perfume Sample

DKNY is offering perfume samples by voice to people who ask a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice assistant for a sample. The new promotion is thanks to a partnership with Send Me a Sample, which specializes in voice interactive campaigns for product trials.

Asking for Fragrance

Anyone in the United Kingdom who wants to sample DKNY’s Be Delicious fragrance has to register with Send Me a Sample, and then can ask Google Assistant or Alexa to “Send me a Sample of DKNY.” The fragrance sample will then be mailed to the customer, along with a coupon for a free gift at online store Fragrance Direct. The promotion lasts until August 24 or until supplies run out.

If consumers ask for the sample prior to registering, the Google Action and Alexa skill guide them through a registration process. Once registered with one brand, a consumer can access other brand offers through Send Me a Sample without additional steps.

Along with the potential for new customers, DKNY will also be able to create an ongoing connection with the customer. The company will be able to track their related purchases and target them for particular products. To promote the campaign, Send Me a Sample and DKNY are using a mix of Facebook and Instagram ads aimed at the younger crowd the fragrance is designed for, who might also be more inclined to interact with brands online and by voice.

Voice Sampling

DKNY isn’t the only brand that Send Me a Sample has created campaigns where customers can ask voice assistants to send them products. The company set up similar efforts for Coca Cola’s Diet Coke Exotic Mango, Benefit Cosmetics, Bacardi, Nutella, and Clarins for Men among others. Send Me a Sample was a finalist for the Voice 19 awards in the Best Media Experience category.

The interest among consumers has continually exceeded expectations, according to Send Me a Sample. Though there is a minimum of 10,000 samples in each campaign, they are always snapped up, sometimes in as little as three days. The length of the campaign, frequency of advertising, and other factors play a part in how long it takes to empty the sample stocks, but the interest, and therefore the engagement by consumers, is consistent.

Much like social media ad campaigns that drive awareness, the point is to find channels that will take potential customers along the path of generating enough product interest to try it out and, ideally, like it enough to pay for it in the future.

Adding voice to the list of connections makes sense, especially as the voice commerce market starts to grow. Though currently relatively small, there is an expectation among some analysts that there will be a sharp curve upward, with 31 million Americans expected to buy something by voice this year, up from 23.6 million.


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