Bacardi Uses Alexa and Google Assistant for Free Rum Sample Campaign

Earlier this month it was announced that Bacardi has teamed up with tech marketing firm Send Me a Sample to provide free samples of its Añejo Cuatro Dark Rum through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Consumers simply need to ask their voice assistant of choice to “Send me a sample of Bacardi” and register with Send Me a Sample to get a free tasting of the dark rum. The promotion is only running in Germany and according to Bacardi, will end after the allotted 10,000 mini bottles have been sent out.

A New Kind of Product Marketing Strategy

Bacardi intends to promote the free rum sample by targeting consumers over 18 who have previously expressed interest in the brand through advertisements on Facebook, Instagram as well as using influencers with the slogan “The next round is on us.” Essentially, Bacardi is using traditional marketing channels to market its own promotion. While that may seem strange, it makes sense  when you consider user engagement. There is less friction for consumers to ask for a free sample rather than clicking through a link and adding details. Not to mention that consumers may be wary of providing their personal information for something “free” on the web, as this has become a popular scam.

Even though first-time users of Send Me a Sample still have to fill in their product information the traditional way, it still seems more personal than clicking on a link. Consumers who choose to get a free rum sample are also a rich target market for Bacardi. Not only did they see the ad, they actively chose to engage with the brand. That is far more indicative of continued interest rather than a click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone.

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