Nutella is Offering Alexa and Google Assistant Users Free Samples Via Voice Command


Image Credit: Send Me a Sample

Yesterday, March 5th, was National Pancake Day. To help celebrate the holiday, Nutella announced that Alexa and Google Assistant users can request a free sample using voice commands, while supplies last. Customers must first register a name and address at the Send Me a Sample (SMAS) website, and can then use either the Send Me a Sample Google Assistant action or Alexa skill to say “Send me a sample of Nutella.” The SMAS website information page states that consumers will receive not just one sample of Nutella, but three. Users will receive their sample within 14 days from their order date, while supplies last. Todd Midura, Vice President of Marketing at Nutella North America, Ferrero, commented on the voice assistant promotion,

By teaming up with the groundbreaking Send Me a Sample technology, we can’t wait to introduce even more families to the fun and magic that Nutella brings to the breakfast table.

Send Me a Sample: A New Use Case for Voice Assistants

Send Me a Sample partners with companies to allow consumers using voice assistants to request product samples via voice commands. Consumers need to sign up for a Send Me a Sample account with a name and address in order to be eligible to receive a sample of a product. SMAS is a U.K. based company, and the Nutella samples are some of the company’s first services offered in the U.S. Butterfinger samples are also available in the U.S., while supplies last. Past SMAS partnerships for U.K. residents include Diet Coke Exotic Mango, Kind Protein Bars, and Bailey’s Almande.

Not even a year old, SMAS began offering its services in the summer of 2018. According to the company’s FAQ page, “Send Me a Sample is a completely new innovation in sampling for the voice-activated world. We even have a patent pendingNo. US 16/027,431.” Even though SMAS is a young company, the Send Me a Sample Alexa skill has 4,083 user reviews, with a 4.3/5 average star rating. The corresponding Google Assistant action has 193 users with a 3.9/5 average star review.

The use case is a great way to engage with consumers while embracing new technology – who doesn’t want free samples of delicious hazelnut spread? By creating a platform like SMAS, users only have to enter their information one time to receive the benefit of multiple brands. The process becomes seamless for consumers, and incorporating compatibility with multiple exiting voice assistants means SMAS can be a neutral platform where consumers don’t need to worry about pledging loyalty to one voice assistant.

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