Alexa Coke

Alexa Will Send Free Samples of the New Coca-Cola Energy

People in the U.S. can ask their Alexa voice assistant to send them a free sample of the new Coca-Cola Energy. The promotional deal between Amazon and Coca-Cola is part of the soda company’s launch of the new energy drink starting with a Super Bowl commercial.

Super Bowl Show Up

The promotion builds off of the Coca-Cola Energy ad set to air on Sunday. The ad, titled “Show Up,” has Martin Scorsese texting Jonah Hill from a costume party asking when he will be there. Hill, still at home, goes to a bodega, drinks a can of Coca-Cola Energy, and is now raring to go. Though the ad treats the soda like Popeye’s spinach, it’s basically the same as regular Coke, but with about four times as much caffeine per can. It’s already sold in more than two dozen countries but hasn’t been available in the U.S. before.

The promotion sounds similar to the one for personalized Coke bottles going on in Australia right now, however. If the system is the same, then asking for a Coke Energy should lead to a text message on your smartphone with a link to a website to fill in details about your address to get it delivered. Amazon is working to promote the drink in-person as well. For people in New York City, there will be Amazon Alexa Coca-Cola Energy Wall giving out free samples near Grand Central Terminal. Amazon Treasure Trucks will be giving out free samples in another 29 cities in the U.S. on Monday.

Update: The samples available through Alexa have already sold out.

Energizing Voice Samples

Coca-Cola is clearly interested in the potential of voice assistant marketing for its products, with two campaigns in the U.S. and Australia. A growing number of companies are exploring ways to get samples to voice assistant users. Some, like Coca-Cola, are partnering directly with the developers, while others are working with companies like Send Me a Sample. The British startup works with brands to get free samples out from voice assistant orders, including DKNY perfume and some of Coca-Cola’s other products.

People love free samples and they are an obvious way to attract attention and potential customers for new products like Coca-Cola Energy. Voice assistants are a good tool for raising awareness of those new products, no different than promotional tweets or Instagram ads. And as voice commerce becomes more common, people will be more comfortable asking their voice assistants to arrange delivery of products they are interested in, especially groceries. This will surely lead to the use of voice assistants as an ad promotional channel to expand even more quickly.


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