Marketer Adoption of Voice Apps as a Marketing Channel – Voicebot Podcast Ep 108

Voicebot recently surveyed over 300 marketers to determine their enthusiasm and activity around voice assistants as a marketing channel. That report includes 20 charts and 30 pages of analysis and can be downloaded at no cost at voicebot.ai/research. In this episode, host Bret Kinsella is joined by David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices.com, and Ava Mutchler of Voicebot.ai for an in-depth discussion of the key findings. The discussion was originally recorded as a webinar and used a format that allows podcast listeners to follow along.

How many marketers have launched voice apps? Which voice assistants do they favor today and which will be the best long-term bets? What types of voice apps are most common? These and several other topics are reviewed. The episode includes both a discussion of the data and Q&A with the webinar audience. It’s time to go data diving and figure out marketer sentiment and activity in the voice app ecosystem.

Show Notes – Voice Assistant Marketing Podcast

A special thanks to this week’s sponsor, Trinity Audio, that helps brands and publishers transform website content into audio formats that can be listened to through a browser and even become an Alexa skill.

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