Voice Summit 19 Onsite Interviews with Audioburst, AgVoice, Dabble Labs, XAPPmedia, Vidiemme, and Nodes – Voicebot Podcast Ep 107

Voice Summit 19 was the largest gathering of voice industry professionals globally in 2019. Voicebot took the opportunity to speak with six industry leaders to get their perspective on the conference, where voice adoption has been and where it is headed. Host Bret Kinsella is joined by Amir Hirsh, CEO of Audioburst, Bruce Rase, CEO of AgVoice, Steven Tingiris, CEO of Dabble Labs, Pat Higbie, CEO of XAPPmedia, Giulio Caperdoni, head of innovation at Vidiemme Consulting, and Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, the global head of voice at Nodes.

Through the interviews, we have the opportunity to discuss voice app distribution via Android Auto and Bixby, how brands are using advertising to promote and extend the value of voice apps, how voice adoption is developing in Europe, and voice solutions not dependent on Alexa or Google Assistant. You get a first-hand perspective on where the industry is in July 2019 from startup founders and agency executives.

Show Notes – Voice Summit 19 Startup Founder and Agency Interviews

A special thanks to this week’s sponsor, Trinity Audio, that helps brands and publishers transform website content into audio formats that can be listened to through a browser and even become an Alexa skill.

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